International Women's Day 2020

We’ve got local talent and soulful songstress Elisha Edwards, whose gorgeous voice is matched only by her incredible songwriting talents. She’ll be joined by her band, so get ready for some beautiful, classic-sounding RnB, soulful pop and groove

We’ve got the doyenne of the spoken word scene, and its queen of lip-synching, Emily Harrison, who explores mental health, gender and class with wit, tenderness, irony and heart-hurting, pinpoint precision. She’s someone we’ve wanted to have down to the Whole Shebang for ages and we are so glad she can join us. 

We have local legend and super-songstress Siddy, a must-hear for her refreshing blend of poignancy and humour, as well as her incredible voice that is both smoky and yet drips with honey- with Bluesy, Folky, Southern Gothic type vibes, she absolutely transports the audience.

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